MVS Direct API CA-Spool Support

This API was designed to provide today's PC application programmers an avenue to access MVS CA-Spool resources. Whether interfacing with existing legacy systems or writing new client-server based applications, you will be impressed by the capabilities that this API provides.

How It Works

The API uses the Computer Associates ESFCOMI interface to send commands to one (or more) CA-Spool subsystems running on MVS. It also receives back the output from those commands so that the caller can evaluate the success of the command string and extract information for future processing.


  • retrieve status information of one or more files.
  • supports all file functions - queue list, hold, release, purge, re-queue, reset, route, etc.
  • transfer spool output to the local PC.
  • transfer local PC files directly into the spool.
  • supports all NJE functions - node list, cancel, halt, start, stop, etc.
  • supports all printer functions - printer list, cancel, halt, start, stop, restart, repeat, etc.
  • multi-subsystem support from the same connection.
  • multi-user support.
  • interfaces seamlessly with CA-Spool security features.


  • Computer Associates MVS CA-Spool product, version 2.0 (or later).
  • C-Cubed MVS Direct API product.


  • Pricing is available upon request.
  • This product is sold on a 'per developer' and 'per user' basis.
  • The Software Developer Kit product should be purchased for users who develop software.
  • The Run-Time System product should be purchased for consumers that use the developed software.