MVS Direct API InfoMan Support

This API was designed to provide today's PC application programmers an avenue to access Tivoli Service Desk (formerly known as IBM Information / Management or InfoMan) resources. Whether interfacing with existing legacy systems or writing new client-server based applications, you will be impressed by the capabilities that this API provides.

How It Works

The API uses the Tivoli Information Management application programming interface to send requests to one (or more) InfoMan databases running on MVS. It also receives back the responses from those commands so that the caller can evaluate the success of the command string and extract information for future processing.


  • create new records.
  • update existing records, including history information.
  • retrieve record contents, including history information.
  • search for records - supports Boolean OR / AND operations.
  • check out (lock) records for exclusive update.
  • check in (unlock) records.
  • add record relations.
  • XML export capabilities.
  • utilizes either static PIDT or data view records for record access.
  • multi-user support.
  • multi-database support.


  • MVS InfoMan product, version 7.0 (or higher).
  • C-Cubed MVS Direct API product.


  • Pricing is available upon request.
  • This product is sold on a 'per developer' and 'per user' basis.
  • The Software Developer Kit product should be purchased for users who develop software.
  • The Run-Time System product should be purchased for consumers that use the developed software.

Demo Screen Captures

The following are screen captures from the MVS Portal product, which utilizes this API add-on for some of its PlugIn functionality.
Note that some portions of the screen have been blurred in order to protect confidential client information.