MVS TSO XMIT Analyzer is a Microsoft Windows-based tool that allows analysis and extraction of data created by the MVS TSO "XMIT" command. Data contained within an XMIT-formatted file can be extracted and saved to individual files outside of the XMIT file. Data can also be formatted as raw (or segmented) dumps, which allow detailed analysis of the XMIT file format specification as defined by IBM.


  • supports multiple files within the XMIT file.
  • supports Sequential, PDS, and PDS/E embedded content.
  • supports fixed-block, variable-blocked, and undefined record formats.
  • supports Message data contained within the XMIT file.
  • supports exporting of PDS and PDS/E member statistics for ISPF Source / Program data.
  • data can be extracted as-is (ie EBCDIC) or converted to Text (ie PC ASCII) format.
  • user-specified codepage conversion options to allow custom data translation.
  • supports easy viewing of embedded files - ie XMIT, PKZIP, PDF, MS Word, etc.
  • easy-to-use Graphical User-Interface.
  • drag and drop support, to allow easy extraction of source code to individual files.
  • underlying .NET Assembly API allows you to write your own programs to process XMIT files.


  • Windows 32/64 bit Operating System.
  • Microsoft .NET v2.0 Framework.


  • This application is FREE for non-commercial use.
  • Enterprise / Corporate pricing available upon request.